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            Address: 675 Ygnacio Valley Road Suite B102

                           Walnut Creek, CA 94596

               Phone: (925)286-2752
















Group Classes

Group lessons are mandatory training every week for competitive team students. For social dance students they are optional. Group lessons always include 7 aspects of the lesson:

1. Stretching/warm up/conditioning

2. Technique- taught with ALL of its aspects and details
3. Musicality/Rythmics

4. Ballroom

5. Latin

6. Formation Team

7. Review


Classes are for students of every level, from basic beginners through advanced competitive athletes. Upon request, specialty classes can be offered for children and teens to provide the level of training that will suit the individual goal of the child.


Adult Classes

Adults classes are offered in an open-to-all, no prior experience necessary, easy going form. Each dance is taught in a 6-8 week increment. In example: Classical Tango will be taught for 6 lessons = 6 weeks. At the end of the Tango session we will move on to another dance such as Salsa or ChaChaCha or Waltz for the next 6 weeks. Then the next dance will follow for the next 6 weeks, and etc... Throughout the year this pattern will continue and dances will rotate. Requests for preffered dances are welcome, and additional private lessons to achieve individual mastery goals are gladly given.


Private Lessons

With a private lesson, the students will work one-on-one with an instructor, receiving personalized instruction and immediate correction. Private lessons are an absolute must in addition to group classes for any competitive athlete. During private lessons dancers have the opportunity to work on all details of technique, correct individual mistakes, better as individual dancers and as a partner to other dances, and as a team member to the formation team. Individual choreography for each dance of the competition program is given, worked on, and perfected at the private lesson. 




Wedding/Special Occasion/Event Dance



We are happy to provide lessons to future newlyweds. We have lots of experience in creating beautiful, memorable, exciting and romantic first dances. In addition to that, we do all kinds of show performances that serve as top of the line entertainment at birthdays, corporate events, Christmas/New Yea's parties, and other special events. Each show dance will be tailored to meet client's theme and wishes.


Facility Rental

This is another service offering. Mystique Ballroom Company will rent out their space for other fitness classes, as well as for lessons/rehearsals of wedding dances, as well as for small private events. Please see Anya Goldman for more info.



Financial Hardship/Special Needs 

Mystique Ballroom Company feels that no child or adult should ever be turned away from their passion for dancing simply because of financial hardship. Therefore we offer special deals, rates and agreements to individuals in need who love to dance but are financially limited. Because each situation is unique, we offer a confidential meeting where all possible working solutions will be offered and discussed.


Fundraising/Special Events

Mystique Ballroom Company often caries out special events like dance competitions, and showcase to raise money for the youth competitive team, to help pay for trips, competition fees, master class workshops, and accommodations to national championship events.













       Noah Lervaag                              Anya Goldman                              

     Assistant Trainer                          Director/Owner                            

  Competitive Athlete                   Master Choreographer  

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